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Flipcupalooza Tournament & Block Party
Event Starts:
Saturday August 11, 2012
@ 5:00pm

Event Ends:
Sunday August 12, 2012
@ 2:00am


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Fado's Irish Bar [LoDo | Outside]

1735 19th Street
Denver, CO 80202


2 Blocks from Union Station Lightrail.
Plenty of cabs available in LoDo
Be sure to arrange for dedicated drivers.

The Pub is located next to Coor's Field in LoDo:

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Presented by:
Quincy "Qball" Dancer

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 This event is closed.

It's simple... this is the natural evolution of a house party. This grew out of control nearly 7 years ago and quite simply we grew tired of you badass'es trashing our house...

The insanity has been relocated to Fado's Irish Bar in downtown LoDo [outside], next to Coors Field... your welcome. Dj Escal8 will continue his auditory genius on the mixing tables... feel free to shake what your mama gave ya! Bring your A game because their will be 16 tables of officially sanctioned competitive shenanigary. There will be a beer vendor on the grounds pumping natures goodness and themed nut jobs (ie. you) running around bragging about how bad@ss their teams are [insert obligatory chest bumps and high-5's]. The tournament will last from 5-10p, followed by the award presentation, and then we'll shove into the bar and cause all kinds of trouble. There will be an alternative & rock cover band, called "Nevermind the 90's" jamming out inside. Fist pumps and air guitar auditions are required.

[Site] http://flipcupalooza.com/
[Gallery] https://www.facebook.com/Flipcupalooza


Flipcup Flyer

$175 CoED Team (5 warriors)
$20   Spectators (50 spots only, tix avail Aug.6)


4:15pm  - Referee's & Registration Personnel
4:30pm  - Beer Runners
5:00pm  - Registration Opens (Captains only)
5:45pm  - Group Picture (all teams)
5:45pm  - Tournament Rules (all teams must be present)
6:00pm  - Worlds Longest Flipcup Match (all 16 tables)
6:00pm  - Beer Rig Opens
6:00pm  - Tournament Starts
9:30pm  - Tournament Ends
9:30pm  - Worlds Longest Flipcup Match (all 16 tables)
9:45pm  - Champions / Prizes Awarded
10:00pm - Break Down / Move into the Bar / Live Band
10-2am  - Party in the Bar


5 person Teams (2 girls minimum)
All girl teams are welcome

Round Robin
128 Teams Max
16 Divisions (Tables)
5 Teams per Division (teams assigned to 1 table)
Sweet 16 Championship Bracket
Toilet Bowl (Losers Bracket)
Mandatory Themed
$150 Per Team  ($35 person)
Only Captains can register and pay team fee

Volunteers / Work
16 Referees (you'll get paid $50, free entry and beer)
8 Beer Runners (non-friends)
Volunteers (free entry)

- read the website for all information before emailing Quincy w/questions or the reply will be "go read the website".

Your competition!
Lauran Allinson

Michael Alosi
Hide your kids, hide your wife, we're coming for your beer and your trophies!

Devan Aragon

Rhenee Bartlett

Bryan Becker
Matt Damon.

Alyssa Bonelli
Not on a team, want to be a spectator

Michael Byrne
We are ready to defend the title!!! :-)

Shawn Casey

Allison Chang

David Conner

Taryn Cook

Nathan Davey
3 guys, 2 girls, 1 cup!

Christopher Devenney
Ready to squirt all over the competition

Kyle Dickmann

Monique Diego

Aliza Doe
Free. Agent. Yo.

Charlie Driscoll

Jesse DuBois

ali edinger

James Garcia

Ray Gonzales

Joseph Gugliardo

Heather Hakes
All we have to say is: Kowa-flipin-bunga!

Karmin Hanson

Arabella hare

Merissa Harkness

Sasha Hernandez

Andy Jans

Richard Jenkins

Cassie Johnson

Lindsay Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Alex Jose


Erika Kiesecker

Gregory King

Carey Kohout

Brian Kraus

Lukas Krause

Tiana Kronebusch

Chris Laga

Matt LaPerle

Natalie Lucas

Stanislava Manojlovic

Erica Marshall

brittney martinez

kelly mayes

Amanda McGrory

Jason McKibben
Go Hawks!

Riley McMurdo

Douglas Mellem

Geremy Milner

David Mims

Sam Oh

chris olsen

Chris Olson

Benjamin Paige
Bitches be flippin'!

Lacy Perrin
Flip it in yo face!

Robert Pesavento

Tracy Peterson

Kevin Podominick

Tim Polack

Shannon Pyle

stephanie reid

Jacob Ricard

Robyn Richardson

Regan Riddoch

Alicia Rivera

Clint Russell
Let's get weird!!

Neha Shah

Colin sharpe

Stephen Snediker

Kimberly Southard

Mary Sparks

Nicholas Steele

Nathan Steelman

Ryan Swopes

Erica Van Hamme
Our cups are bigger than yours.

Meriah Vigil
Losing is a hard limit...

Whitney Warkentin
Laters baby!

Christian Warner

Kinnick Wheaton

Rob Wilhite

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

Joseph Yoder
3 Chicks 2 Dicks... ya that's right we said it!